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George Wright Farms

George Wright Farms is a third generation family farm based just north of Colchester in Essex. We currently farm 1,500 - 2,000 acres which is split between cereals, potatoes, grassland and specialist crops of turf and herbage seed. Land is let for the production of lettuce, carrots and onions.  

The main core of our business is growing potatoes; with 18 different varieties grown at any one time to supply specific markets including pre-pack, chipping, export and processing sectors.


In 2018 the business looked to diversify after several difficult potato seasons and set up a new venture growing turf, a crop that had been grown on the farm for nearly 20 years under different management. The decision was taken to bring the operation inhouse and started lifting its first crop in March 2020. 

We aim to uphold our reputation and promise to deliver quality standards with industry accreditations. We achieve this year after year with our dedicated team who work hard to ensure a premium crop to harvest; coupled with generations of knowledge and our up to date, specialist machinery.

George Wright

Farm Owner - Partner

" I have been working on the farm since I was a young boy. In the summer holidays I would spend many hours on the back of the potato harvester earning my pocket money. Now I enjoy all aspects of running a successful business, particularly  driving the potato harvester when possible and being around the Admirals Hereford herd ". 

George Wright, GWF Owner

James Groom

Farm Manager - Partner

James has been working at GWF since 2012 and from that point became the engine room of the company. Working in conjunction with George, the pair have formed a successful partnership who work efficiently, with a joint goal to grow and market the best possible produce.

Born and raised up on a farm in Suffolk, James has farming in his blood. A qualified agronomist, sprayer driver and tractor operator, his skill sets and hard work ethic was clear from the start and is perfect match for GWF. 

Constantly busy, James now manages and runs the potato, turf, cereal and irrigation teams, coordinating their duties whilst dealing with customers. The attention to detail, knowledge and passion towards farming shines through in all of our produce, thanks to our team.

"We have a great team here at George Wright Farms, it is both challenging and rewarding to direct them. The mix of cropping and ability to irrigate means we are able to grow a variety of quality produce. All of which i have great satisfaction in seeing being harvested and sold to their final markets."  

James Groom, GWF Farm Manager

The Rest of the Team

George Wright Farms' skilled team of employees work tirelessly to grow, harvest and process its produce all year round. We uphold our high standards, made possible by our dedicated team of highly skilled operators and labourers who know the land and crops inside out.  

Steve is our most experienced member, with over 40 years at the company.  Our main sprayer driver, keeping on top of recommendations as well as primary cultivations.

Plamen, our main planter and harvester driver, runs a team of four graders on the back of his potato harvester. He makes sure the potatoes are lifted with minimal bruising and the team grade as he goes.

Marian is our stockman who looks after our Admirals Hereford herd, he takes pride in ensuring the highest welfare for all our cattle.

Kamil is in charge of the grading shed and line, keeping on top of orders and making sure the produce is handled and packaged to the customers requirment.

We devote a lot of time training our staff to a high level and we are grateful for their continued hard work and ethos to share our goal to grow and provide quality produce for our customers.

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