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Admirals Herd

The Admirals herd of pedigree Herefords, both horned and polled was established in 2010. Ingredients from four main herds formed the foundation of our Admirals herd; those from the Cambridgeshire Albany herd, Laxfield Herefords of Talog Carmarthen and Oxfords Churchland Estates. 

More recently, our mainline stock has been based upon Robert Wilsons Romany herd and our stock bull, Romany Lion (in the picture below). Our newest edition Romany 1 Rafiki has made a significant difference to our Herefords bloodline. George and Marians passions involve selecting the best examples of the breed and enhancing the next generations genetics, in hope of raising the offspring to compete at shows all over the UK.

Marian competes in multiple shows across the country. Admirals 1 Emanuel received the supreme champion title at the 2019 Suffolk Show. Success did not end here, Marian  then entered Admirals 1 Fogerty into the Peterborough Winter Stock Festival at the East of England Show-ground where Fogerty became reserve champion.


Yorkshire Show Champion

Lion - Our herd Sire

Marian Amariei 

'A touch of the Romany'

Marian has been working on the farm since 2015 and from the very beginning made it apparent he knew how to work with livestock, despite this limited English. From Romania, Marian has spent many years working with cattle from his homestead.


All year around Marian selects bulls, heifers, cows and calfs he thinks are exemplary specimens of the breed. Once selected, halter training commences. Getting the animals show ready takes a lot of training before a partnership and trust is formed. 

The repetition of cleaning the animal, walking together, controlling a halt on command and positioning the animal in a stance that shows of the breeds stature are all practiced in training. Days at a time will be devoted to develop this bond to ensure that come show day the breed is shown off professionally and safely.

"I love working outside where no two days are the same, I am always greeted by new challenges and problems but this is what keeps me on my toes, giving me  the experience and knowledge needed to become the best stockman I can. Working with cattle is a joy of mine and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to turn a passion into a lifestyle"

Marian Amariei, GWF Stockman

Left free to roam and graze the marsh from early spring to late autumn 

Our native Herefords feed on a rich and diverse range of marshland grass species 

Due to the easy birthing nature of Herefords, the herd are left to the natural process of birthing by themselves. However, Marian is always on hand to intervene if necessary.

What we have on offer

Our herd is constantly growing, with new and improved Hereford bloodlines being born and added to the herd every year.


If you are looking to extend or start a herd and want to enquire about our herd then please don't hesitate to get in touch with George Wright 07831 888866 or Marian 07825 040484. They will be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have and organise viewings if you so please.


We have a few halter trained bullocks and bulls that are for sale along with heifers and cows. 

Admirals Herd Gallery

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