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George Wright Farms grows around 400 – 500 acres of cereals, comprising of winter wheat and spring barley. Our attention focuses on growing high quality milling wheats as well as feed barley to use in our feed ration for our Hereford cattle herd. Our crop rotation system means we only tend to require first wheats, none the less, they are treated with the same attention to detail as our root crops.

Varieties are chosen for suitability to our soils, disease resistance and milling quality. The straw is baled for either cattle bedding or to cover the over winter carrots grown on our land.

Wheat is the world’s second dietary staple, making up 19% of all calorie’s mankind consume (Factsanddetails, 2019). 

Wheat’s resistant to most diseases and pests makes it a safe and sustainable food source.

We sow our winter wheat at the end of September once we have prepared the soils to a fine tilth. On our medium soils we are able to start drilling early, which means we get good establishment before the winter. We treat the soils in the spring to prevent diseases and to reduce the weed pressures before looking to harvest once the grain moisture has reached 14%. Once we have harvested the wheat we transport it back to the farm where we store in it bulk before it heads out to the millers in the autumn. 

Once the moisture is acceptable we combine continuously so that we can harvest the grain in the best conditions

Whilst harvesting the tractor and trailer work alongside the combine, carting the produce back and forth to the stores at the farm

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